Farlymn wedding monogram

Farlymn Wedding

During the wedding planning process, my wife and I decided it would be a great idea to design all of the creative elements for our wedding. We wanted to make sure that the look and feel we were creating would communicate and establish the individuality we have as a couple. With my wife’s great ideas and wonderful imagination, I was able to produce all that you see.

Our first objective was to design a monogram that represents both of us, joining together as one. The monogram was a very important piece as it needed to work across multiple mediums and be used throughout the entire theme of our wedding.

The next step was to build and design a website that would be a portal of all our wedding related information. We were looking for an easy, cost efficient way to provide information to our guests such as our story, wedding party bios, venue location, and upcoming events they may be interested in attending. The entire site was also built through a custom responsive framework allowing guests to easily access information across all forms of digital mediums.

Along with creating the website we also sent out custom designed digital save the dates and invitations to the majority of our guests. These pieces were also created with multiple mediums in mind as we wanted immediate family members and our wedding party to receive printed copies.

Overall we feel our design is true to our individuality and who we are as a couple. The theme and design are something we are proud to have accomplished.

Design & Development:

  • CSS,
  • HTML,
  • Illustrator,
  • Invitation,
  • JavaScript,
  • jQuery,
  • Monogram,
  • Photoshop,
  • Vector